Denim jacket - Primark (old)
Shirt - Primark
Skirt - Internationale 
Necklace - Primark (old)
Boots - Primark
LIPS - MAC 'Media'
It honestly felt like I hadn't been on a good shopping trip in forever! On Friday me and my dad decided to spend the day together (daughter daddy day) in the end we decided on Chester. I don't go to Chester often as it is a fair amount away from where I live. However we went on the train taking us around 1 hour and 30 mins. So not too long. Once we arrived I went straight to Primark. Literally it was like I'd been let out of my cage after weeks of not shopping. have you seen the amazing stock in their recently? I actually use to work for Primark. So I always got to have a sneak at all the stock before it hit the store floor! But wow studs were everywhere  camo, greens, velvet. I was in heaven. Only two of the pieces are shown in this post which are my lovely new shirt, and boots!
 I actually brought the shirt for you guys. I've done many posts wearing my over sized vintage tartan shirt. Which of course you guys cant get your hands on as it's vintage. So i brought this only cost £9, which is a great replica style of my shirt I own. It's such a great shirt for only £9. It came with one of them funny black ties around the neck. I took that off. (not my style) The Shirt looks great fastened up or un buttoned. I buttoned it for this outfit as I wore my choker necklace. 
 Well hello skater skirt! it's been a while baby...Yes I whipped it out of my wardrobe. I've been wearing mainly skater dresses recently. But i will always go back to this skirt. I just love the leather-look effect it has along with how it just fit's perfectly. I added my studded belt which i got free with a dress from primark. 
 My boots! I have seriously had my eyes on these bad boys since Lily Melrose put a instagram picture up. They cost £18 which is very pricey I think for Primark anyway. But wow they are worth it. I mean any other high street store would be asking for so much more for these. in the same condition. I fit in two sizes in primark shoes and i got the bigger one and as you cans see they are quiet big. but great with big thick socks! I think a few bloggers have these now. so maybe their the next zara messenger bag? 

also the title of this post is the title of my favorite bands boys like girls...check them out!