oh it's Christmas day. You're off out for the family Christmas meal, or just sitting around the table with the gang, either way you want to look your best. Hold up. Not got your perfect Christmas dress sorted yet? I've got that covered for you...
 I've selected a number of dresses from the House Of Fraser Online Store in a range of different style's that i feel are perfect for Christmas day..and maybe even a second wear for new years?

1. lace is creeping it's way into our wardrobes, and fast! Lace is a material that does all the talking for you without the added accessorizes to shout out the outfit. I really like how this dress holds a sweet heart neckline yet is still covering the rest of the chest by the continued lace without the lining to create a beautiful detail on the chest and arms.

2. I literally fell straight in love with this piece. a sequin ombre dress. Talk about perfection? holding it's maxi styled shape it flows beautifully through-out the colours within the ombre. Only this year have my interest in sequin come alive. Now I want everything with a bit of sparkle! I think this dress works so well with the use of sequins. It holds detail yet the vampy glamour shows through.

3. I just couldn't leave out studs. it's Christmas a little bit of 'over the top' clothing is allowed right? This piece has long sleeves, there is just something so glamorous about a dress with long sleeves while holding it's winter comfort! the neck line is very high, another great detail to the winter style. This dress is definitely a great dress to still look glam, and stylish yet keep a great look for the winter of Christmas day.

4. This dress is alot more casual. However i just cant get enough of the print! the deep dark dress the the white of snow printed on the material in the style of a skater skirt just falls so well. A great dress to wear if your stopping in for your crimbo din dins! A dress that also doesn't need alot of accessorizing as the pattern defiantly does all the talking!

5. Mmmm emerald green...This colour is so deep, and rich. While holding so much unique style by the use of the material it makes such a simple styled dress; a key statement piece. With this piece it holds the long sleeves which i love! but it's a dress you can dress up! or keep it casual! I would add a statement necklace to this dress to a great background of the beautiful green.

6. Yes sequin's again. I'm definitely going more towards the skater dress style. The skater dress is a dress I believe any body shape can wear allowing all shapes and sizes to look beautiful. This dress holds two parts a beautiful detailed beige sequin top, then a ruby red skirt all joined together to create this beautiful dressed up skater skirt. this dress can easily be left to work it by itself. however nothing a necklace can easily dress up!

I'm definitely loving red's, golds and green's for this winter. Such warm deep intense colours that can create such statement points within a outfit. 

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