Skater Dress - TOPSHOP
Kimono - Be Beau
Shoes - Walsall Market
Belt - Riverisland
Earrings - DIVA

recently I've started to feel really proud of myself and i've just been really high on life. I'm currently making a change in my appearance by being on a diet which is going so well so far! while I've got some amazing new people in my life all thanks to blogging! I really just wanna take a moment to say thanks for following my blog and your endless support, i love it when you comment and tweet me. it means the world. I cannot wait to spoil you all with my 500 giveaway which i think will have two winners!
 But anyway, this outfit if my favorite ready for spring/summer the kimono I picked-up at the weekend in the sale, and I love, love, love LOVE IT! I've wanted one for a while now, and of course I live in black clothing so it was obviously meant to be! I'm going to start doing outfit of the day videos on YouTube so i would love it if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel! once again thank you for supporting me and my little old blog!