LOOK BEAUTY // Tangerine cream (shade 2)

Your one-coat route to a super-hot pout. The creamiest, on trend shades to take your look up a whole other notch - best stock up on your one-coat route to a super-hot pout!
pucker up girl's because after you've read this post I bet you'll make it a plan to pop down to your local superdrug store just so you can pick up one of Look Beauty's pout wonders! For a while now I have been a number 1 fan of Look Beauty. There is nothing I have tried from their collection that hasn't worked, irritated me, or just been a complete waste of money! Look Beauty have amazing prices while they supply us with amazing quality cosmetics. 
 For a while now I've wanted to try one of their lipsticks. However when you pop into super drug to discover your favorite make up brand happens to have a half price sale on, you kinda go a bit OTT and buy everything. Of course this amazing lipstick popped into my basket. Straight away it's not a colour I would usually go for. It appears like a very pastel orange.  However once on your lips it smooth out into a beautiful tangerine pink; while still holding it's pastel orange the look up on your lips is flawless. I would highly recommend this colour for summer. 
 The lipstick it's self is very moisturizing to the lip's allowing a very colour with perfect lip condition, could it honestly get any better? One thing I wasn't too sure about from Look Beauty's Lip Stick's is their lippy case. It's not your usual click and it's shut, the case is closed via the use of magnets. I've never experiences a magnetic lipstick case before so this was new to me. However after having it rumbling around in my bag around college an interview's the lipstick has remained within it's lid. So if your a fan of MUA lipstick's and want another greta quality lipstick for only £2.50 (while sales on) get your beauty bums down to super drug now. 

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