Cardi - Primark
Leggings - Primark
Shirt - Next
Chelsea Boots - TOPSHOP
Necklace - Harts & Crosses 
Bracelet - Forever 21

 A more casual outfit from me today, I don't usually do outfit posts on my casual outfit's but I really liked this outfit. You can all probably tell I wear alot of dark colours so this outfit having a bit of colour in is sexy! Braved wearing my topshop chelsea boots again! I actually wore my chelsea boots to the #birminghambloggermeetup and they have no grip what so ever so walking in slush and ice was not a good experience! I ended up not leaving the house today due to all the paths around me being pure ice! so i decided to film a new video, and get this outfit done. i would love your opinion on my youtube videos should i do more? 

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