Hello my little hollywood babies! yes I have officially given all my followers, probably the most cheesiest nick name ever! but so what! This post is a little different, but I couldn't wait to get involved. I was lucky enough to be emailed by the lovely Rachael from Boohoo.com. Where she expressed her interest in my blog and how much she'd love for me to get involved in the #globalstyler campaign which features one of my favorite bloggers Lily melrose! I was so pleased to have been noticed by the brand that I jumped on the opportunity striaght away! So here it is! sadly I was un able to get a dead classy picture of me out in the streets of Telford...but you can all use google. 

want more information on the campaign or wanna get involved can be found here...

I've changed up my look a bit slightly for this summer/spring I've got the old monochrome already on the go along with sporting the old chavvy grunge. ah literally i'm considering buying hi-tops next week? get the fuck out. 


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