Jacket - Riverisland
Shirt - Primark
Skirt - Internationale
Necklace - Primark
Boots - New Look*
White Shirt - Riverisland*

I know this outfit is very simular to my other outfit however I paired this outfit with a simple sleeveless white shirt. I love this shirt. I didn't really have a nice white shirt for a while, well since school! I guess after wearing them 5 days a week you don't wanna see them for a while! However I love how the contrast of the white brings out the colours within the red checked shirt. The over all outfit is very casual however it holds that pop of colour within the shirt's. 

It's half term for me at college at the moment, I'm focusing on getting all my coursework up today. I went to birmingham yesterday and met up with a fellow blogger for a cheeky photoshoot. I'm free all this week so if anyone else would like to help please get in touch! I also wanna go to a few museums this week, know any? let me know! ALSO OH MY DAYS!!! are you ready for this? I'm going to the freaking zoo sunday! *squeals* I know. I'm 18 and off my tits about going to the zoo! Well we're going to the west-midlands safari zoo, which my dad refused to go to when i was younger because "I aint having no monkey's batter my car" well this time his girlfriend is taking us so they can wreck her car. It's gonna be me, my dad, dad's girlfriend and her son. I cannot wait to see all the giraffes!! 


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