hello beautiful people. so yesterday I was lucky enough to have received a press pass for 'Birmingham Fashion Week' Not being able to attend London Fashion Week, I couldn't of been any more excited to attend! I went along with the lovely Feyi. Once we arrived with went and got out press passes where we then walked through into the room where the event was going to be held. The room contained two areas. 'VIP Area' and 'Press Area' along with it being surrounded with some stalls with little boutiques. We then took our seat and began to watch some amazing fashion come before our eyes. I was super excited as their was alot of sculptural fashion which related to my fashion exam meaning I was snapping away! between the shows their were alot of breaks, and there wasn't really alot for us to do. However me and Feyi got talking to the lovely Hannah where we sat and drank our FREE Red bulls.  (I took full advantage of this) and popcorn! We decided not to go to the second session or watch times red. (they was a bit full of themselves) So me and Feyi went along to yummy ED's Diner for lunch! 

I also created a youtube video of the day!