As you will all know, I'm a right old bargain hunter! I can't 
bare to paying out for soemthing, without doing my research first! Then, Just then I may commit to buying! Within the fashion world High street or High end, we are always left to decide weather we are spending our money wisely. Should you really of spent £150 on them Jeffery Campell's? Or would you of got a better deal on ebay? It's all about doing your research or just not being so silly with that dolla girl! 
I went on to Ladbrokes website where I found this infographic, I love stuff like this, where I quiz my own bargain knowledge! So I decided to look into the questions of 'Deal or No Deal' where I decided on each piece, if they was worth the money or not! In the end I came down to reality that I would spend the full £1,260 on the Prada bag, I think this is a very good deal for Prada! Although i'd probably swap for a cheeky Chanel! (who wouldn't?)Although this happened to be a good deal although it wasn't the retail price of the bag. Then it came down to this PLAIN!? white T shirt...I don't care who designed it. I refuse to pay £150 for a plain white T shirt. In the end this resulted in being a bad deal so i was right to say no to the price of £150! 
I really enjoyed this infographic, it was a lot of fun and reminded me of how much of a bargain hunter I can be at times, while reminding me that you need to take a lot of notice into what your buying. You may of just brought a new bag. Is the quality really worth the price though? So if you fancy quizzing your bargain skills give it ago!

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