over the past few years it seems that men are now giving us girls a run for our money, or is it they are running away with the mirror and our concealer? Time's have officially changed and it seems men are taking more care of themselves, than ever before! ever had your boyfriend/brother/friend ask to borrow your moisturizer, straighteners..This lead me to look into who actually loves the mirror more...MEN or WOMEN? 
 I asked a number of girls to tell me how long they spent on their make up/skin care/showering/and hair. It came back that the most common time limit was around 20-40 minutes. I was in this bracket myself! However all of the girls admitted if it was on a night out, it would of been only 20 minutes longer! For girl's, I think this time range is really well, seems as we have more hair, apply make up etc. 
I then went on to ask a number of lads how long it takes them to shower/skin care/shave/ and do their hair. Instantly after being told I was shocked with the time's I received back from the lads. The most common time frame from the lads came to 1 hour - 1 hour and half. This really surprised me as one; lads don't have as much hair, or wear extensions or any of that jazz! two; they don't wear make up! However it seems that now men like to take more care of their skin from moisturizing to getting that perfect shaven look! Guys have been taking so much ‘care’ of their legs that a survey by First4Laywers states that over 10% of them have suffered an injury while getting a leg wax. Ouch!
 So it seems lad's are no longer waiting around for their girlfriends to get ready. but us girls are waiting for the men now! So I guess we best watch our backs girls...and keep an eye on all your skin care and make up. It seems men are letting their girly side shine through their beautiful complexion. 

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