I've never been a big skin care type of gal, but sinceblogging I realise how little I did for my skin apart from the odd bit ofmoisturizer when I could be arsed! I suffer with very sensitive skin, so for meit's hard to find the right product which works for me. When I was sent Purity3 in 1 I was excited to give it a go!
From first use it was love. I use the Purity 3 in 1 Cleansertwice a day! (Once in the morning and once at night time) It has now become oneof my regulars to my skin care routine. I’ve seen a dramatic difference in myskin! It really does what it says clearing away all dirt and all that nastystuff left behind my skin is left clean and refreshed, while having a baby bumtouch! If you’re not too keen on the old skin routine I’d highly recommend thisbad boy or your skin! It’s helped me slowly edge into taking a bit more care ofmy skin while feeling like a babies arse!
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