If you've been following me on, Twitter, Instagram, or just a regular on my blog, you will know I will be attending University  in September, to start my Fashion Styling course. I'm so excited about doing this; as I'd only really gotten the guts to go into styling since blogging and seeing such positive responses from my readers. I've also had a lot of you asking me advice on weather to do Fashion or saying you wish you'd gone and studied Fashion! Fashion as always been a big part of my life and ever since I was small I was switching my Barbie's outfit's to meet my standards. I'm so happy I decided to carry on my love for fashion, but wait, are you now disappointed in your desk job? not feeling the whole sales assistant role? 
I was contacted by QC Style Academy  Straight away I was amazed by their courses they offer. What ever styling you want to go on to do, you can do it all with QC Style Academy all from the comfort of your own home!  So you could keep that job your just not loving no more, while you study your way into your dream job at your own phase! 
While you are working from home, you are never alone with their support team always there if you need help! While QC Style Academy also has their own blog too! where they are looking for bloggers/writers for their website and blog! a great opportunity for all bloggers! For me I'm so sad that I didn't hear of QC Style Academy sooner. The courses are excellent while at such amazing prices too while being able to study in your own home. I could not recommend their courses anymore especially the Personal Styling Course. Which looks amaze. Sadly I'm now all set for University. However if you do consider these online courses I'd love to hear from you and how it goes. I think the courses are great opportunities for you to gain your dream career while working at your own phase. If you would like more information on QC Style Academy you can get your FREE Brochure. get your dream career now.

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