you'd think when someone get's famous it would be a case of throwing away your whole wardrobe and going on a right mad one and swapping the Primark for the Chanel. Although it seems that this isn't the case for most actresses/celebrities, as they actually now prefer to stay pretty normal. For me I would of gone a bit mad, Then there is the actress Kristen Stewart. 
Stewart is well known for her role as 'Bella Swan' in the Twilight Saga. Despite her fame and success since the film, Kristen has remained true to herself within her style. She allows her edgy tom boy style to stay with her no matter the occasion;From award shows, to premiers, or even a night at the movies with the dreamy Robert Pattinson her style stays the same as she stays true to herself. Recently Stewart got a lot of stick for turning up to an award show in america with crutches after a recently incident. But this didn't bother Kristen as she still looked stunning in a beautiful all over lace detailed dress. While Kristen's style has changed slightly she keeps her style up to date with a more classy and lady like look. There’s a clear and concerted effort to mature and soften her image going on right now. It’s a good call on her management team’s part. I like how Stewart (and 
by extension her team), are managing this growth process. They've been building toward this for years and are now positioned to introduce Kristen Stewart 2.0: the grown-up, adult KStew. Stewart was 18 when she was introduced to the world stage. She’s 21 now and Twilight is winding down. But will Kristen ever ditch the dirty sneakers? Stewart is known for her beautiful elegant dresses then wrecking it all with a pair of converse or vanz.  She's been known to be 'snobby' or 'ungrateful' for dressing this way to an event.For me I like that she's not afraid to be herself even though she has made a bit of money since Twilight. To me her image says "I wont be spoon fed, i'll do whatever the f**k I want!" She shouldn't dress in a way which she isn't comfortable just because she's now classed as a 'celebrity' It's nice to see celebrities like Kristen who stick to their roots no matter how famous or successful they get. It's clearer now how 'normal' some celebrities are and that they really don't care about all the fancy cars and designer handbags. 

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