Jacket - Vintage via ebay
Disco Pants - Love Label
Shirt - Charity Shop
Necklace - Forever 21
Shoes - Primark

Hi guys, it's been a while, but i'm so stressed at the moment with college exams revision etc. and I would rather keep focused on that. However today I made time to snap a few outfits which I will upload through the week. I apologize for the lack in posts etc. But it is really stressful blogging at the moment as my laptop s very slow and freezes alot so editing etc takes agesss. 
So I bagged this leather jacket off ebay for £10! I was so pleased, although it has that 'dirty' smell to it so im still trying to get rid of that however, I just love the over all design of the jacket. I'm also wearing wearing a beaut duck egg blue shirt from a charity shot I got for £4. I just love the buttoned up detail on the shirt it's also very oversized and looks fab tucked into my disco pants. 
Hope your all shagadelic! 

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