Jacket - Riverisland
Top - ASOS (sale)
Boots - Ebay
Necklace - Henryka*
Leggings - Primark
Bag - Amazon
Sunglasses - Primark

wow, I cannot believe how lovely the weather is right now. yesterday i went out shopping with the grandparents, I picked up alot of beauty products. I've gone a bit hair mad atm. Also. yes I've changed my hair again. i think I'm going through a phase where I'm just not adjusting to being blonde. even though it's been a few weeks now. I've darkened my roots so My hair is more ombre again (not shown in this post) However I'm now happy with my hair. 
  This outfit is very casual however it is then able to go out on the town with this amazing top  picked up in the ASOS sale. I love the top it self and Have wanted it for a while, to see it in the sale was a bargazzz. Also the reveal of my new shoes in my life...chelsea boots with buckles. I first saw a pair of Fashion Union. However I decided to hunt down for more to see If  could get them any cheaper. I managed to find these bad boys for only £12.99! I was so impressed and I think the quality is amazing. I've worn this outfit a few times now as I just love how casual yet dressy it can be. 
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