root lift spray - GHD
Prevent your style from falling flat by prepping with this effective boosting spray – the perfect pick-me-up for hair prone to looking limp and lifeless. Contains the ghd Heat Protection System. Best for: Creating root lift and body in fine, limp hair; Creating a firm foundation at the root area for styling; Giving a boost to styles that have fallen flat or been slept on. To use: Working with damp hair, apply a 1-2 pumps on to the underside of each section, keeping as close to the root as possible, before blow-drying with a radial brush. Style tip: For quick volume on dry hair, tip your head upside down and spritz into the root area before blasting dry with your hairdryer.

For me I've always steered clear of volume products as I have very curly and thick hair! So why would I need volume? However after the years of straightening my hair it seems that my hair  has now become very straight and life-less without any amp. I mainly wear my hair now and style my hair to the classic middle curtains fringe! I also sometimes style my hair by doing the classic messy half up, half down. However because of the straight and dull shape less style of my hair it's become flat. I'm no fan of back combing hair, I just don't see why you'd want to knot your hair into a bloody bird nest. So after recently experiencing flat hair I was excited to try out this 'Root Lift' spray from GHD. I've always been a big fan of GHD from still having my good old straighteners from my 13th birthday, to using their heat defense sprays! 
   I've learnt that spraying this before straightening isn't the best idea. I usually straight my hair before flipping my hair over and running my fingers through to part the hair as i spray through the product this then achieves this sticky effect onto my hair allow me to then style my hair to my idea look. The smell is beautiful while the product isn't too sticky and add's the right amount of volume for me who doesn't want too much or too little.


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