Say hello to Baby! This little beautiful Stafford shire Bull Terrior was rescued from the RSPCA back in August two years ago! Baby has been apart of our family ever since. So what brought us to the RSPCA? It all started three years ago when we had to have our first Staff' put to sleep after reaching a brilliant age of 17! Sadly he became really ill that we had to finally say goodbye. 
  A year later we just couldn't adjust to coming home to an empty house. This resulted in the Griffiths family going on their search for...a cat! Yes, a cat! However as you can tell we didn't come home with a cat! We went along to the RSPCA in Shrewsbury where we went and looked at a range of cats. However as soon as we walked out into the court. Our hearts were stolen. Our eyes captured the beautiful playful bitch 'Nero' We went up and played with Nero for a while before finding the strength to walk away from this bubbly enthusiastic dog. Safe to say we was hooked. 
   We went away to discovered the whole family felt the same about Nero. We ended up going back the next weekend to sign the papers. Nero was ours. I remember when we went into her pen for the first time. she is the first dog i've saw that could jump so high and have a mad fit where she runs around like a running dog. she was special and so unique in her own form. 
  A month later we was allowed to take Nero home, after all the checks and Nero had been treated. she was ours. Our beautiful little girl. First thing that had to happen...was a name change. This is where 'Baby' Came along. We aren't sure how old Baby actually is as she was abandoned by her owner. However she is the most playful and loving dog you will ever find. It's safe to say we are happy we helped give a dog a home while we gained a valuable family member. 
 Pet's are like a extra person in a family and they can hold a family together. We helped give a dog a home and now we have to look after her, when it comes to looking after your pet's you want to make sure you are insured. We want baby to live a long lived life. This is where you should look into Pet insurance to insure your pet gets the best life that they should be allowed. I highly recommend Pet Insurance. loosing a pet is loosing a family member. 

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