Pets are such a large part of many families and they truly are members of the family. so of course you want to take them away with you right? I know I love taking my dog Baby away with me in the car. But what about going abroad? there's a few things you need to know before going away!

1. Calculate the costs
The charges associated with carrying pets onboard, whether checked or in the cabin, add up quickly. Research airlines' different rates ahead of time and factor the canine and feline fees into the total cost of airfare. So be sure before you press book, you've made sure your not missing anything out. No one wants drama on the day they fly!

2. Home Sweet Home
Get yourself and your bed some comfort so they feel like their at home, by buying them a new kennel. The one you brought when they was pups or kittens just wont do no more. You want to make sure your animal is comfortable through the journey.

3. Get your pet Chipped!
These days we can now get our pets Microchipped. You never know what could happen while traveling so make sure if anything was to happen. you will find your pet straight away. 

4. Insurance!
You've got your insurance sorted, but what about good old fluffy sat in the back seat? remember, you never know what could happen.

5. Vaccinated!
No one wants your animal turning a bit nas
ty so make sure your pets vaccinations against rabies is up to date before traveling. 

6. Work out!
The day before treat your dog by leaving the packing for a hour or two and go exercise him or her. They will be coupped up for a day or maybe more dependent on your travel duration so make sure all their muscles have been stretched and they don't get too irritated. 

7. Arrange travel arrangements.
Make sure you have worked out how your getting to the airport and to and from locations with your pet. Make sure the company is aware of your pet being with you.

8. Passport
It's not just us that needs a passport our pets do too! so make sure your pet gets its passport or their not going anywhere! 

9. Have a blood Test
After being vaccinated you still need to make sure all checks are carried out to ensure your animal has no diseases etc. 

10. Suitcase!
remember to bring everything your pet needs, weather it's toys, treats, or maybe even a blanket. They have belongings too. 

For more Tips on what to do when traveling with your bed go to Pet Health Information, for all the information you could need when it comes to caring for your pet as you travel.