oh, to spend the day as a lady. Today it seems us girls have lost our 'Class' and well we don't exactly dress to impress in all the right ways! But a day at the races is sure to give any girl the lady like touch they need! However it seems not all the ladies got the memo about wearing a hat to look like a lady.  Here I have created my perfect outfit to wear to the races! I selected this beautiful coral dress from TOPSHOP, coming over the knee and with a high neckline it's the perfect dress to be a lady in. I then added a statement necklace to add a bit of glamour, by allowing this bit of glam to a very plain dress. I wanted to keep the over all look very up to date and a more modern style of being a lady. To do this I added this very edgy clutch from ASOS, which I think adds a little edge to the whole outfit. The shoes were very much bit rebellious. However they are very girly they aren't your typical lady like shoes. But i think they allow the outfit to stand out by allowing it to be a more modern twist on the usual day at the races looks. Then of course the hat, as you will have seen on the Ladbrokes Website, that some of the hats worn at the races are well...very unusual. This has led me to not go for the sort of 'look' and I went for this beautiful elegant very more in the form of a flower side hat. 

What would you wear to the races?

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