20 inch Medium Brown Remy Clip In Hair Extensions - Clip Hair Limited*

ah, the smell of new hair extensions. A smell I adore! since three years ago extensions have been my partner in crime. would you of guessed my hair use't be this long....but i cut it all off for a classy BOB cut which....well, was a hair fail! However hair extensions come to the rescue you from trying to a style shorter hair. I know a lot of girls wear hair extensions purely for volume and thickness. For me it's all about getting the perfect length. 
For ages, ages, agessssss I have wanted to try some sexy locks from Clip Hair Limited. I was lucky enough to have been sent some to review. I was a little disappointed in the lack of shades within the brunette section. however luckily enough the shade I selected was just right for my fresh new brunette locks! When I received my extensions I was very happy with the quality. After three years, of course I know how to fit extensions. But I loved the way Clip Hair Limited had chosen to give you a step by step of how to place them into your hair. the cute little drawings were a beautiful little touch. 
After placing all of the 8 pieces into my hair in my selected areas. I was so amazed at the style and natural look they allowed me to achieve. My natural hair is around shoulder length so that extra 20 inch add on was a real bonus! 
The over all quality of the extensions is top knotch and definitely worth the price tag. I would highly recommend these extensions to previous hair extensions wearers, or girls how are thinking about adding some length. 

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