so, good old summer has finally made an appearance! about time huh? with the sun shining and birds having a good old sing; I decided to make my way to Merry Hill Shopping Centre to see what the high street stores had on offer. my style is usually very grunge, black and well let's say i like the monochrome trend a bit too much! however when window shopping the stores within the Merry Hill Shopping Centre, I was surprised by the amount of colour I was attracted by. 
Here are a few pieces I discovered in TOPSHOP. Recently TOPSHOP have been really pushing the sporty trend which I will admit, just isn't my cup of tea at all. of course I managed to spy some beautiful pieces, from this beautiful over sized floral shirt. I think this would look beautiful paired with some nice white jeans or maybe even a nice little pair of white silk shorts for that perfect chilled summers day outfit. 
I then ventured into New Look. New look for me offers some amazing pieces with a full range of sizes. While browsing I found these beautiful black studded flat sandals. I'm really not a flipper flopper girl. So I love my sandals to be firmly on my feet. These are very casual however have the studded detail which allows them to not be too boring! Also the large buckle on the side is a very in trend right now; which I'm loving this season, so comfort and a trend in one. Bonus? 
Another trend I noticed in all of the stores was the neon colour scheme. I'm slowly making my outfits a bit more funky with the neon edge. However I just love the class of a all white outfit then the add of a statement neon necklace to really make an outfit BANG! Primark is a great place for cheap statement neon accessorizes. But if you're willing to splash the cash TOPSHOP Neon collection is sure to sort you out this season. 

Over all this season trends are definitely very colourful! so I think it's time add some neon to your wardrobe girls because a rainbow has definitely hit our high-streets.