When it comes to going away usually you'd pack up your suitcase and wheel away. But when your staying in the country and it's only the weekend away you never want to be trolley-ing  around a suitcase. Almost every other weekend I'm hopping on the train to go see my boyfriend who lives in Leicestershire. I stay for up to 4-7 days at a time and being a girl I need to take all my essentials while away at his house. This involves clothes, straighteners and all my beauty products! Of course I need the perfect to hold it all without the hassle of a wheeling along noisy suit case! 
 This over night KANGOL bag from SPORTS DIRECT is the perfect bag for me. The over all style is very "Louis Vuitton" just without the fancy  pattern and the heavy price tag. The bags comes with two handles which can be strapped together along with an over the shoulder strap perfect for if your not feeling the whole front arm hanging effect. I was really surprised how big the bag itself is and how much it manages to hold. 

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