Oops, I did a runner, yet again! I've been at Oli's all week so I've not had my laptop to get some proper blogging done! So it's all about the iPad and I must admit it can be stressful. I've never done one of these Instagram type posts before. But it's just a little catch up! And to show you what I've been up to! 
 On Wednesday I attended VSF! It was nice to catch up with some of my favourite girls Sarah, Hayley and Alice! It was a good laugh. However I didn't enough sitting on hay and having it go up my ass. Wasn't the best feeling. Saturday I went out for drinks with the boyfriend and save to say I got tipsy and ended up doing a classy toilet selfie! Then on Sunday me and my boyfriend went strawberry picking! I was so excited I'd never been before and I'd always wanted to do it! Safe to say it wasn't as exciting as I thought! The rest of the week has mostly been spent chilling out and watching films with the boyfriend and playing with his kittens! We're bringing them home tomorrow! 
Hope you've all had a good week and aren't too sad it's Monday again! 

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