I'm pretty sure you spotted the images on this post before you even looked at the text. Bit confused? Well it is August and I'm talking Halloween costumes! Halloween is an event many countries of the world celebrate. And for the Celebrity world it's definitely about who can throw the biggest party! Heidi Klum is one of many who takes Halloween to a whole new level! Klum throws her annual party every year. It's no surprise thatshe's already started planning the event, and from the looks of it way back in July too! 
Every year Heidi tries to make the party bigger and better, and better no surprise as the guest list is pretty tasty! This year everyone is wondering what will Heidi and her guests wear, especially after she posted a photo of her mask in the making on twitter!
Will Heidi yet again surprise us all with yet another crazy costume like her monkey costume or maybe go for something more simple. The monkey costume was crazy, as well as the one from Morphsuits in the sixth picture, a body inside out is pretty strange.. 

 So, seems as Heidi is already planning ahead, it's not too far-fetched to suggest we do the same and get our thinking hat on and our costume ideas at the ready..! This year we've seen a lot of zombie based movies released like World War Z and Warm Bodies, so I wondering if this will this be everyone’s inspiration or maybe we’ll go back to basic's with our own little twist. 
This year I definitely think I'm going to make use the grunge trend and take advantage of all my clothes in my wardrobe to create a very bone-y outfit! 
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What are you wearing this Halloween?  
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