We're approaching that pivotal time of year when the popular summer fashions start to fade away in favour of cool weather looks and fresh fall trends. Soon enough, our favourite fashion blogs and magazine covers will be showing us stylish new looks to carry us through winter and fall - and among these looks will be a few new ideas for jewellery and accessories! Freshening up your clothing wardrobe is necessary as the seasons change, but to really top off your image, here's an early look at a few major jewellery trends for the fall and winter.

Chain Link Bangles
Bangle bracelet "stacks" have been pretty much huge all year, but it's still worth noting the shift that will take place heading into the fall. During the summer, bangles can be full of anything from beaded beach bracelets, to thin metal bands and charm bracelets. For the cooler seasons, as highlighted by Vogue, bangles are taking on a heavier, thicker look, with wrapped chain link bracelets being spotted on runways.

Oversized Watches
This is one women's accessory trend from the summer that certainly appears to be carrying right into the fall and winter seasons. While in the past many women have preferred slighter, more delicate watch options, over sized  loosely hanging metallic options have become incredibly chic in the past year or two. Visit Movado for a beautiful selection of over-sized women's watches that put fashion first.

Chandelier & Drop Earrings
Fall and winter fashions tend to be a bit more elegant, and that concept is certainly showing up in a clear way in earring trends. For the coming months, chandelier and drop earrings appear to be very popular options, with a number of designers offering some exquisite options. Check out 77-Diamonds for some particularly ornate diamond drop pieces to round out the more elegant side of your jewellery box.

Animal Jewellery
This is another trend that's continuing from the summer into the fall and winter. If you're looking for a few quirkier jewellery options, find something with an animal theme! This might mean a coiled snake bracelet, a ring with an animal head carved on top, etc. - basically, there's no shortage of options. The trend can match in a particularly interesting way with your fall and winter leopard patterns.

Mineral Jewellery
Finally, if you're looking to put a bit of colour into your fall and winter jewellery box, a mineral option might be just the thing. Generally speaking the bright beads and gemstones of the warmer seasons are a bit vibrant for the coming seasons. Therefore, duller mineral options (think jasper) are a great way to put some appropriately shaded colour into your jewellery collection!

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