Well, hello everyone. it's been a while and i've not been doing my ebay posts! I really enjoyed doing them so i promise i'll get back to them soon. However it will have to be ebay posts and wishlists for a while as i've gone and broken my camera. I'm so lost without it, the quality on an iPhone, or my old camera just cant catch up to that bad boy Nikon, oh boo. however luckily i snapped a few outfits last week so i'll be okay for awhile. I picked up this dress in the topshop sale a while ago now while waiting for Oli in Birmingham. The price was out of this world being a limited edition piece from the topshop collection pricing at £60, and to grab this for £5 i was a very happy girl. 
My new tattoo. yes it's finally healed i got the idea from beauty crush. However not wanting to complete copy her idea i had it done on my front shoulder and my tattoo artist drew it all free hand. I'm so happy with the piece however a few lines need re-doing. I'm considering a sleeve but i always ask myself what will i look like when i'm old and wrinkly? 
 Also guys, i made it on guru gossip! you know you've got somewhere in the blogging world when you get mentioned on that bad boy! not going to lie i was pissed but the comments which were made about my spelling, and me apparently only copying 'top bloggers' oh and being a bit crude on twitter. Let's get this straight if you do not like a blog or someones tweets you do not follow or support their blog in anyway and you leave it. If your life is that boring you have to start a bitch fest on a pathetic website you need to check yo self before you wreck yourself. My blog will not be everyone's taste like i don't like everyone's blog. and to my spelling. I struggle with my spelling, I always have, I've not been tested for dyslexia either way i struggle and it effects my speech and spelling. From now on I will have Oli check my posts before I post. 

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