The things I buy when I'm in a good mood, result in this. Pink bloody hair dye. I think all the heat got to my head when I brought this. I was just in-between getting my ombre re-done or doing something a bit different. I know recently Lily Melrose has also dyed her hair pink using the same dye. Before I get accused of 'Only copying the bigger bloggers' I did this quite a bit before Lily took the plunge. so go talk crap somewhere else. (rant over) So Basically the overall plan was to just put the odd stripes of pink into my hair. However after seeing how nice the pink turned out against my bleached ombre blonde (shown below) I decided to take the plunge and well go all over my ombre..oops. 
I think every girl at one point in their life wants pink hair. However my problem is I get bored very easily. Meaning the pink didn't do much for me after two days. (literally.) So I ended up popping a cheap blonde over the top which instantly took away the pink meaning I could straight away wash off the dye preventing any damage to my extensions. As Much as I loved the pink I just wasn't a fan. I felt like it looked a bit tacky and also it made my extensions so dry and hard to straighten and curl. 
While funky coloured hair is perfect for summer in the long run it just didn't work for me. While looking for a job I also feel it wasn't the right time. I'm now back to my ombre, which I love. My Inspiration for my ombre is Khloe Karadashian. I do get asked alot of questions on how I did my ombre etc, I will be doing a post very soon! 

Thanks for reading! 

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