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It's summer and there is nothing better than letting your toes breathe. Maybe your a flip flopping kinda girl, or maybe you like the whole gladiator history look? well why not look at these beautiful pairs I hunted down on my hunt for the perfect sandals/shoes for this summer. Of course summer is close to saying goodbye once again but why not tell yourself to pick up these in the summer sale ready for next year! (we all love a summer sale).
 1/ Not your typical sandal from OFFICE, but how dudey are these the very hip and gangsta trainer/shoes. The hipster/gangster trend is very popular at the moment with heel trainers and snap backs. Well, why the hell not wear sandal trainers? With the flat-form height and the trainer detailing with the use of fabric, these shoes sure know how to make your feet look super sporty with a summer look. I think these trainers would look great if worn with leggings or maybe even a dress to add a tom-boy look to the outfit. 
 2/ If you're not one for being a bit edgy with the trainer shoe the second shoe I choose will probably be more your style. The chunky flat-form and the buckled up strap it's sure to make your feet feel comfortable and look fabulous. I discovered Fit Flop, when searching for some new sandals. They appear to the eye as your typical 'clarks comfy shoes' However offering a range of modern and interesting styles with thanks to their oh so comfy ergonomically optimized, biomechanically engineered midsoles. I've always been a girl that will end up buying shoes that just look pretty' no matter the pain they cause to my toes. Although now i'm getting older it's time to make wiser decisions with my shoes regrading the comfort they provide me on a daily bases. Flip Flop shoes go all the way up to a size 9 perfect for you ladies who have that extra length! and offer their shoes in a range of colours! (making us want more than one pair)
 3/ Not a chunky heel kinda girl? don't sweat it! these gladiator sandals I found on pricelessshoes.co.uk (however the product how now become unavailable)  will do you right! I cant stop wearing my flat gladiator sandals from Primark this summer. However I love a shoe that can add a bit of detail in a twist! (literally!) These shoes from pricelessshoes.co.uk do just the trick with their detailed strap over making the tops of your feet look like art as you walk along the street. These also some with the buckle, I think that a buckle is such a great way to make a strap of a shoe look very modern with a chunky look. Buckle's are very simple but add alot to any bag or shoe. The gladiator sandal like the Fit Flop sandals also come in a range of colours. However you cant get a size 9 in these shoes so Id' recommend the Fit Flop sandals for those who need the extra room. 
 4/ Ok, so not your typical sandal at all! But how beautiful are these open heels. Again with the buckles the detailing it adds to the cut out straps really add's a bit of amp to the over all detail of the shoe. I wouldn't of expected anything less from Riverisland this is very them and very edgy. The open toe and hell is very on trend while they look very enclosed on the straps they are sure to keep your feet cool in the sun maybe on a shopping trip? Riverisland does offer size 9's but of course it is unavailable. 

Over all I think my favorite pair form this wishlist has to be number 2 from Flip Flop, I'm very keen on my chunky soles at the moment and of course the buckles if you didn't notice already? These sandals from Flip Flop are everything a girl could need from comfort, style and height! I recently came across Fit Flop, when I discovered this article on the daily mail. I've always been interested in shoes that claim to tone you up! I'm definitely going to start saving to get my hands on a pair of these apparent miracle workers! why not check out Fit Flop's Women's Collection

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