To Stay in? or to Go Out?
When it comes to 'hitting the tiles' or 'going on a bender' it really just doesn't appeal to me. I've never been a big drinker. I enjoy the odd glass of wine, however when it comes to hitting the town with a promise at the start of the night to not make a complete fool of yourself,  I'd much rather stay in. Some will say a good night out just cant happen anymore with the credit crunch, and even having to pay a cost to get into certain clubs. While going out on the town could result in you meeting new friends and may even meeting a potential love interest, It seems it's just not the same anymore and a lot of girls in the UK are opting for a nice cozy night in under the blanket with a take away and a bottle of wine (that's sounds lovely to me!) 

Here in this survey by Ladbrokes it shows that a lot of the women in the UK have noticed that their night outs just aren't what they use to be! and I agree! My last night out involved me staying in one pub with my ex and going home and blocking the bathroom sink. Something I don't want to re-call. Nights out can definitely be very messy and can sometimes end up very badly. From loosing your phone, breaking a hell (worst thing ever) A lot of issues can arise on a night out, meanwhile staying in can leave you hassle free, well apart form what to watch! 

So what will you be doing tonight? staying in or off out on the tiles?

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