Now i'm a working girl, I completely forgot to do my ebay post on sunday so here it is....on a Wednesday...yeah. Seems as the weather is now getting colder, and the nights are getting darker it's time to get ready for autumn! You can't beat snuggling up in front of the tv having snuggles under the blanket. But just because it's getting colder don't let your style go off the train tracks. 
oh this jacket. This jacket I actually ordered yesterday, and it was shipped today (excited) you will be happy to know it's not £55, which is the price ASOS is selling it for. it's £17.90! with bloody free shipping! FREE BLOODY SHIPPING! I'd been lusting over jacket since Lily melrose featured it on her blog. (yeah i'm a total melrose copy cat) so if your not too keen on the £55 ASOS price tag, go order this bad ass copy. 
The pug Tee. I don't even think i can explain myself for why I put this in the wishlist. But i think it's pretty damn hilarious. 
The Parka, Last year everyone had a parka, so I was a little put off. However I want one now. Luckily I've found my perfect one at work, so payday and my 25% discount it shall be mine! 

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