When I wrote my previous post on my DO'S & DON'TS of blogging, I honestly didn't expect the response I got. From comments, to tweets and even emails! It was so nice to know I'd helped a few of you out, or even just made you smile. (I do try) For a while now I've wanted to do another similar post on the subject of getting along in the blogging world. So the past few days I'd been thinking on what it could be! well, here it is! All in this post it is going to be about not letting the issues/people of the blogging world get you down. Within this post I will express my opinion and feelings on the subject. Feel free to express yours also however if you do not agree to not throw a bitch fit. 
  So let's kick it off with Events. There comes a time when a email will pop in your inbox. "we'd like to invite you..." oh hello! One of the fun things about blogging has to be when you get to go to events, get free champagne, try new products, see new collections, and come away with a pretty decent goody-bag.  Of course when you first join the blogging world attending an event alone, No friends, not knowing a soul can be a very scary thing. It's like starting school again, just this time you have to sell yourself in person while bringing your blog along too! I've had my fair share of events in my year of blogging! and I have to say, it's my favorite part! After a while you will develop friendships with your local surrounding bloggers. Take this and connect so you have blogging buds to go along with! So while you may be new, don't be shy. Go along someone is bound to talk to you! if not go and be a weirdo and talk to anyone and everyone! also take advantage of all the free food and drink! 
  oh yay Twitter chats. When I first started blogging I didn't have a clue about the #bbloggers chat. Until that one night. Oh that night, where it all changed. That Night I gained 10 followers. Not a lot but only having 29 Followers at the time boy I was off my tits how I gained them in just that hour chat! Ever since I religiously Took part in the #bbloggers chat. However the past few months. I honestly cannot bare tot take part in the #bbloggers chat. While it's a great chat, there are some right tossers out there. While I know not everyone has the same opinion, we are allowed to have different opinions. I found myself not wanting to tweet due to knowing some tits will cause a fuss when there is no need. Although they are chats and your meant to 'chat' about the set subject. It is damn frustrating when some bloggers take it one step too far. However on a negative note. Do not take notice of these people. I have learnt some people clearly rely on the internet to entertain their day so they will cause you shit. Do not reply, do not print screen or brag some bitch is starting. Just forget them. But do take part in the chats! I ended up starting the #fbloggers chat! (@fbloggerschat) I really enjoyed running the #bloggers chat! however it was very time consuming that I couldn't anymore. However I'm still logged into the twitter and try to RT all links so feel free to tweet your link! There are a range of chats out there held over different days through-out the week. So take part and socialize but don't listen to the negative little trolls. 
  Now I've covered Twitter Drama, It's time to get on to the bitching that can bring a lot of bloggers down. On the internet it is hard to get something across or have something come out wrong. In blogging there is a lot of bitching. like, a lot! But the best thing to do is to stay away. Although the drama may have nothing to do with blogging it will effect how your readers see you. On twitter you need to watch what you say. No matter what anyone says or does do not take it to heart! 
  Bitches be trippin' on Guru Gossip. Oh that bloody wank of a waste of site. I seriously hate it. It is honestly nothing but a place for sad bully's to go to, to amuse their night with. If you're not familiar of Guru Gossiper, it is a forum site where fellow bloggers discuss bloggers or just slag everyone off and have nothing nice to say. I would not recommend you go to the site. But if you ever do make it on there like me, feel happy that you've made it in the blogging world and people care that much about you! So take the comments and turn it into a positive. I admit It made me feel like crap but I then realized I do not give a damn, if someone is so bothered by something that they feel the need to bitch about it on a  forum site they should just not read your blog. 
  Sorry for the rant, but the point of this positive is about taking the not to good perks of blogging and keeping it positive. so be crazy and to events alone, you'll come away with new friends, ignore the negative you'll get some respect! 

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