On Saturday I attended Style Birmingham. I attended last year as one of my first ever official blogger press events! I was very excited to attend this year also, and to catch up with some of my favorite bloggers I actually met a year to that day! The day started off at Starbucks with my babes Hayley and Sara. We then made our way to The Town Hall, In Birmingham City Center. Once we arrived we checked in and made our way to the blogger suite, here we were greeted with champagne and orange juice and a cheeky goody bag from Francesco Hair! After mingling with our fellow bloggers we then made our way down to the catwalk where we took our reserved blogger seats. Last year Style Birmingham pushed us bloggers right on the black row! However this year we had a Bloggers suite, and being put on third row I felt very looked after from the previous year! 
  We then sat down for the show! the show was presented by the lovely Emma Willis, and the hilarious Ryland Clarke! I have been one of them obsessed Big Brother fans the past few weeks so them two have literally been on my TV every night so to see them in person and have Ryland go through the crowd answering questions, boy it was like being on Big Brothers bit of the side! I loved it! Now, let's talk fashion! The collections shown with from all the stores found in Birmingham from Selfridges to M&S! There was a range of styles to suite everyone from Punk to Pastel pink with a pop! I was really impressed with all of the styles shown as they were all wearable!! Once the show had finished myself and a few other bloggers made our way over to the mail box, to collect our goody bag! (separate post on the goody bags to come!) When we arrived at the Mailbox there was lots of amazing activities available for everyone! sadly the day had to come to a close for me at 1pm as I had work so I had to leave! missing out on seeing the Saturdays for free. (crying) However I had an absolute amazing day in Birmingham and I cannot wait to see what they pull out for next year!

(I posted a range of catwalk videos over on my instagram! @unwrittenchloee)

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(DISCLAIMER // I was kindly invited and gifted with a ticket to attend style Birmingham and the 10 catwalk/show)
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