Well, it was only two weeks ago it was lovely and sunny and the maxi dresses, shorts and sun lotion were in the works. However the weather has soon changed it's course and now it's time to get ready for winter! But of course with a new season, new trends come along, which causes us to feel the need splash the cash, on a whole new wardrobe! But having the cash to splash is never that easy! That's why I took to Music Magpie to sell my clothes for a new winter wardrobe. 
Music Magpie, is a site you can sell your goods and make some easy cash! Your able to sell, CD's, DVD's, Electronics! and now...CLOTHES! What better way to make room for some new winter essentials than to sell your old clothes and rake in the money! Your bound to make some easy cash just by searching your item, then being given a quick estimate of how much your item costs. Of course you wont get a lot from certain items,but to get rid of some old clothes and make a profit all for free why not! Or maybe you don't need the cash you can also donate your cash from your stuff and give it to charity, Which Music Magpie also offer on their site. So how about you go and have a search through your wardrobe and consider what you will actually ever wear again! 

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