Ever since I first started my blog over a year ago, My Hair was always something that every post (unless a beauty review) got a comment on. I've had my ombre for a few years now. I do, actually do my ombre myself.(im still to get that tutorial up!) This got a very positive response from everyone. Just today at work I was discussing how I did it by myself. Ever since year 11 Prom and I got my first pair of hair extensions, I been obsessed with my hair. It's safe to say my hair is happy for the break I'm now giving it! This year I've been three colours, but I've settled back into my ombre for the past few months. However my mind is now ticking away again at what to do next...full fringe, new colour? 
 In most PR emails I get the regular "I love your hair!" comment. so When I was contacted by the lovely Chelsea from Bang style, I was super excited to work on a sponsorship/partnership with them! So why not get to know bang style - "We are the ultimate hair photo sharing community. Our app brings creativity and innovation to your phone. Stylists can post photos of their latest hair art straight from the app (it's a mobile portfolio) and style seekers can find trending hairstyle without having to dig through magazines." 
 I also did a interview with bang style I'd love it if you could go have a read!  

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