One thing I always look forward to before going to bed, is cleaning away all of the days make up with a good cleanser and exfoliator! It's only recently I've started to take good care of my skin, before a baby wipe would do me fine. However now I take a lot of time to cleanse and treat my skin the way it should be treated! 
I was kindly sent these products from 'dermalogical' which has recently gained their own counter in Selfirdges!  I was kindly given the dermalogica daily microfoliant (A dry exfoliator which needs to be mixed with water to create a creamy paste. An intensive formula that gets rid of dead surface skin, promotes skin cell renewal, improves brightness and creates a glowing complexion.) and the dermalogica special cleansing gel. (A soap free gel cleanser that works perfectly in sync with combination-oily skin type that is prone to breakouts. It will balance the level of oil production in the skin and keep spots at bay without drying skin out. )Both amazing products on their own! I've recently made some changes to my routines, these products have been able to keep my skin in a good zone and balance me out. These products instantly wide away all of my make up from the day and leave my skin flawless and refreshed. I would highly recommend if you want a great exfoliator and cleanser to try out these products! 

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