There comes a time when you grow up and you start looking at furniture instead of clothes or new games etc. Well I guess I'm a adult now? next week my dad has offered to help me redecorate my room! my room has been very Kardashian Black and white for a few years now. And It's time for me to spice it up and have a more grown up and pretty room. Although While I've been deciding how to redecorate my room I cant help but think about designing my own home.
 For me I like to be unique and to have one of a kind items. Knowing no one else has my design. John Lewis luckily allows you to design your own sofa! l(how snazzy) You can decide on the shape, size, fabric, and they can have it ready for you in 7 days! I think this service is a great, John Lewis has made a service which really caters to all of their customers needs!
 Above you can see a few idea's I wrapped up. I also gave them their own names! I hope some of my idea's inspires you for some inspiration in your home! I love the whole shabby chic/vintage style within a home these sofa's are so cute and while their perfect for a nice vintage feel, they are also beautiful on their own as a decoration. 
  do you have your own home yet? what did you do to make it your own and not a show home!? 

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