This isn't a typical post from me, I've never done anything like it before and it's very rare to see these posts on blogs. However here I am airing out my knickers and bra on my blog! I've always had a soft spot for pretty knickers and bra's. They just instantly make you feel sexy, and can lift your mood. I have to admit I don't really make the effort or have a draw full of fancy frilly knickers. I have pants with the cookie monster on. However there comes a time when every girl needs that set that can instantly  make you feel attractive. 
I was kindly sent this lovely set from the Masquerade collection. I could not be more in love with this set. The comfort from this bra is seriously amazing, I have never worn a more comfortable bra. My boobs aren't flooding out their securely tucked away and look pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Also the detailing to go into the set is just beautiful. Black lace on the cups and the straps are the perfect little details that make the set more unique.  With a cheeky seductive look. 


"No compromise is our starting point. So if you’re D+ you should have access to as much lingerie choice and style as anyone else. We make sure that D+ women do.Our designers draw their inspiration from art, from nature, from the catwalk and from life to create effortlessly stylish designs of bras, briefs, swimwear and more. The result is a family of Panache lingerie and swimwear brands and designs that are flattering, confidence building, look great." 

Over all I'm really impressed with my set from Panache Lingerie. The style, the fit and the added confidence it's given me. Definitely going to be a timeless set for me. As long as my boobs don't grow anymore! 

what do you look for when buying bra's and pants?

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