(images of students work)
In the Fashion Industry, there are a range of career paths to take a a stroll down. However which route you decide all comes down to you. For me I've always tossed between being a designer and a stylists. For the past four years I've studied Textiles Design, and made a wide range of garments, from accessories to formal dresses. However After getting my GCSE, and A Level I'm now planning on expanding my learning years and by attending University. 
 At Middlesex University London, they offer a wide range of courses. I came across this Fashion Design Degree.  The courses offers to support your creativity, and encourage you to develop your own identity as a designer. The course also covers fashion illustration, portfolio presentation, technical drawings, garment construction and pattern cutting, corsetry, and tailoring.While learning from the best and allowing your creativity to arise. This really does seem like the perfect course for anyone wanting to become a Designer. 
so, if you're wanting to become a designer check out the courses available at Middlesex University and change your career. 

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