Last night I went along to Lush Birmingham (@lushbirmingham) for a very special event arranged by the PR team at Lush. The whole reason of the event was the Launch of the Book written by Mira Manga, The book is a journey of invention, following the fortunes of this young company as they create new, ground breaking products - set to revolutionise the cosmetics industry.
 St the event we were greeted with drinks, and lots of yummy nibbles, The event was alot more relaxed than the previous Lush event with demonstrations  this time we go to have a wonder around the store with our freedom and have whatever demonstrated to us. We then got a one on one chat with the lovely a Mira Munga. Whenever you walk into a Lush store it's always colourful and vibrate however it just wouldn't be the same if the book all about the journey of lush's success was a boring plain book would it? The look is beautiful, colourful and filled with beautiful art. I can't wait to start reading it and discover all the deserts there is to be told about Lush's success. 

(A big thank you to Lush PR (@lushltd) for organising the event, and for inviting me along)