There are certain item's in your wardrobe which you will invest it, maybe a new handbag that you know you'll still have when you're sixty. A purse, we all need a good purse for well all our money that is clearly gone after spending so much on a purse? A watch? Well let's be serious here, a watch is needed. I know when my phone dies I freak if I don't know the time. But then we may just invest in some shoes because they are pretty. Isn't it weird how us girls. We either have to justify ourselves for buying items or say it's a 'treat'. 
If your like me you will be tight as a ducks butt when it comes to splashing the cash. It's not like I can't, afford some things. I'm genuinely scared to make the money commitment into a new relationship with such an expensive item I'll be scared to wear in case the wind blows on it. But in this wishlist are a few item's I wish I could commit to and be a bit YOLO with.