A 3 o'clock today the sun decided it was their bed time. However sadly for us brits we're all still busy bees wondering around the shops, and at our day jobs. For me I've found it extremely hard with the dark nights, from not finding time to get the photo's I need with the natural lighting, to just walking home in the dark isn't the best thing. 
 However when you do get home, it's time to turn the tv on, watch a bit of hollyoaks and of course turn on the lights as it's dark of course however! For me I love to sit with a nice lamp on. I also have a strange love for really unique random shaped/styled lighting. The more different the better I say! It's amazing how much of an effect a lamp or chandelier can instantly add to a room. It's amazing what structures can be create din which to provide you light in a beautiful way. 
 At BHS they have a wide range of beautiful lighting, for all rooms. Whenever I pop into BHS, I've always admired walking through their beautifully presented lighting department. They are always able to offer a wide range of styles, and at a affordable prices range! While it's great to find your perfect lighting, you also want the perfect bulbs to go in them! BHS, also offers a range of bulbs for their lighting allowing you to have the best quality lighting you could ask for! 
 So why not get your perfect lamp, or chandelier! from BHS this Christmas and add that bit of light that your living-room, bed room needs! where do you shop for your lighting? what is your style when it comes to your lighting? 
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