H&M bag - £34.99* (£26.24) 
I spotted this bag last week at work and instantly fell in love with it. At H&M Their bag's are never too expensive, and you can get some real bargain's! Of course I work for H&M so I get a nice 25% off all my purchases. Knowing that I'd be able to get the bag and with 25% off I didn't think twice at all! I feel like this bag is my first grown up bag. It's shape and style is very elegant and classic. All of my other bag's have been very slouchy, and not all stick and in one shape. So this is actually a very different style for me. But it's perfect for me when going to event's I can put my iPad in it, my camera, everything and still have room for more! I'm so in love with my bag as it's genuinely beautiful! I'm going to do a stop of shopping tonight with Sara, and we're hitting up the german market so I'll show you how I style the bag with my outfit! 

Also this weekend 29th-1st is a student event at H&M so if your a student take your ID along and get 20% off!