I always seem to wonder off on my lunch break and it either leads me to buying food or make up from boots which is just a 30 second walk up from my work in my local town center. However with boots having their 3 for 2 on for the Christmas season I thought myself thinking "oh I'm saving a lot of money here, why not?" no Chloe, no matter how much of a good deal you are getting you do not need another make up brush, and more foundation. But clearly I told myself I did. Anyway I did need a new Mascara. After my trusty Benefit 'They're real' ran out I ended up using a mascara I found in my 'Freebie's' box. This did me fine, however that then ran out. 
I'd been familiar with Soap & Glory before after using their THICK & FAST mascara. I really enjoyed that mascara and after It ran out I ended up receiving my benefit so of course I didn't re-purchase. I really like Soap & Glory, their packaging and design to their scents and quality of make up. While some of their prices are pretty high/low end style I would happily pay for their cosmetics. 
Anyway getting down to the review. First thing I noticed about this mascara is it's beautiful packaging and shine tube case. Now the brush. the Brush is actually what I look for when buying a mascara, Thick and big! I just think they really add the most volume however the brush is completely different to the Benefit mascara. While I feel the Benefit mascara added a very natural length. Although as you can see the Soap & Glory Mascara add's a more false lash effect to the lashes. I really like the mascara and have even started wearing it without my eyeliner. I'd highly recommend this mascara if your after added length and a quick fix to your eyelashes!