As I sit at my laptop I'm currently enjoying a good old cup of tea. When your British it's an occasion to pop around your friends, or families houses for a cuppa. Maybe have a good bitch, or a slice of cake. But when your British this is a regular occasion. It seems we're bitchy and love a good cup of tea! Whenever I go to my nan's she always makes her tea in a tea pot. If you've never had tea from a tea pot because your too in love with your kettle, it's time to go buy yourself a tea pot. The sweet taste that touches your taste buds as the well-made cup of tea sucks down on your throat. Of course, you don't always need to use your tea pot for making tea. Today you can have a beautifully painted tea pot sitting on a shelf looking all pretty and still give you that classic British feeling in your home. I'm always one for going charity shop shopping, and buying vintage styles cups, class and plates purely just to put my make-up brushes and rings in. I'll be doing a post on my home decor very soon!
 Above are some beautiful tea pots by Emma Bridgewater.  Emma Does a wide range of Tea post, cups, cake stands, and lots more of various kitchen ware! Everything is made in the UK, and there are seals on the underneath of each product so you can see who painted it, who cast it and who inspected the product :) As the items are all hand painted, each one will be unique! Emma Bridgewater also has her own factory! The factory is situated in Stoke On Trent, not too far from me! Where you are able to watch all the tea pots and cups being made in front of your eyes!  I chose the heart one as it's your typical girly tea pot. Perfect piece to add to your kitchen if you’re living with the girls. Then a more British styled tea pot. I don't think this tea pot would go very well in your typical vintage shabby chic kitchen, however for a more modern kitchen this tea pot will fit right in, keeping the British with the vibrant British flag print allows the tea pot to stand out and be more unique. Then there's this egg and feather tea pot. This one I think is more subtle and classic. Definitely a tea pot I'd have lying around on my kitchen work pops waiting for someone to come around and use. 
So if you’re after some beautiful home ware for your kitchen, or even just a shiny new hand painted tea pot for a nice cup of tea why not have a nose at Emma Bridgewaters collection. I think I'll be treating myself to a tea pot for a lovely cup of Yorkshire tea! with a slice of my nan's Victoria sponge! What do you eat when you’re having a good cuppa?