Finally I can show you all the campaign I've been working on, with my favorite online store ASOS! (hell yeah) Recently I've been making so many purchases from ASOS, however for this campaign I was lucky enough to be able to pick a party item to style with the rest of my wardrobe. I ended up picking this beautiful T shirt real leather dress from the curve collection. With my usual grunge style and dip dye hair this fitted into my wardrobe well, and deciding on five outfit's well...it wasn't very hard. I'm going to be doing a pre-prep post of me deciding on the five outfit's after All of the outfit's have been published on my blog! 
 I'm so happy with the layout, and the way I styled the piece into my wardrobe, I've worn the dress a handful of times already. It's perfect for winter as it's super sexy while keeping you nice and toasty. I would love it if you could go over to ASOS Fashion Finder, HEART MY LOOK, and check out the other lovely bloggers looks too!