For a while now I've been meaning to buy myself some speakers. Nearly every day I watch Youtube video's or listen to music on my iPad and my iPhone. While my iPhone volume is brilliant, iPad has slacked when it came to watching movie's etc. I've seen a wide range of wirelesss speakers flying around, but never really took much interest. Yet somewhow I've fallen in love with this little portable speaker from DivoomBluetune-Bean is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker  with powerful microphone capability; it works with  all Bluetooth-enabled devices. You will be amazed at  the incredible sound quality with such a small speaker. I was shocked in the quality and volume the little bean and reach. Everyday since this bad boy dropped on my door mat, I've not stopped using the speaker. Times really are changing ans it's amazing what you can purchase without taking up too much room. This speaker is perfect to take on the go, I can't wait to use it in the summer at parties. 
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