maybe it's because I'm a girl, but girl's are sooo much easier to shop for at christmas. Endless items no matter where you go. In this gift guide I decided to choose items for all the different styles of girls there is. Tom-boy, girly, fashion addict, make up mad, and posh totty. 
 Jewellery is probably the most basic and quick to go to gift idea that most men will turn to when it comes to buying for girls. But what if you get it wrong? make sure you pick the key piece this year to give to your loved one boys! givenchy. Now if you have the money get your girlfriend, mom, sister or friend a designer bag and they will love you for life. It's as simple as that! At Christmas time, we all let go, we eat till we can't move. But then the after math leads to us getting a gym membership. That's why I added these running shoes. For me I love to have support. so If you have support you will encourage her to attend the gym. Naked 3. Today Naked 3 launched online, maybe it's because I'm ill but I instantly ordered it. I don't know why but after all the fuss I needed it. So if you really want to impress your girlfriend get her Naked 3. (available here)