I was kindly contacted by Dirty looks. I recently discovered them while watching Helen on Youtube. While she's one of my favorite's for always cracking me up, I'm also completely in love with her mental hair. (she'd currently rocking pink roots and looks sexy as!) After watching her unboxing video of Dirty Looks Extensions, I headed straight over, seems as I'm kinda obsessed with hair extensions. I planned to treat myself to a new set on payday. But luckily they wanted to send me a set to review anyway! I snapped up the offer and selected my shade and length. 
As you can see I went to for spiced Auburn. I've now gone back to my natural hair colour due to hair growth, and well I can't be arsed dying my roots anymore. The colour of my hair now is actually a bit lighter than my actual hair as my natural hair has darkened. But I'm really happy with my more natural colour and It fits very well into my winter wardrobe. 
Now, let's get down to the good stuff. These hair extensions. I've had my fair share of extensions, from spending over £100 on a pair to £17. but I can honestly swear down on these extensions from Dirty Looks. The thickness and the weft's provided shocked me so much, I sat in confusion to how they could be such good quality for £99.99. Compared to my last set, these are probably the thickness of two sets! I felt like Rapunzel this morning when I was curling my hair for work. Another pretty good/amazing/clever thing from Dirty Look's Is there packaging. I loved the layout of their website, very California sunshine kisses.  And that's exactly how my hair extensions arrived. Usually you get your hair extensions in a nasty long bag that gives your hair extensions a kink in the middle where they have bent it. At Dirty Look's they curl the extensions into a hair net then place into the plastic bag. The plastic bag has two compartments. One for the whole set, the other for an sample. (pretty clever right?) This allows you to try how the length, shade and thickness, before you open the whole set. If your not happy with the sample you can then return the full set without opening it up and using it.For me I can't help but think why this has not been done before on extensions, it's a great way for Dirty Look's to make sure they meet their customers needs. 
Over all I'm far too happy with the quality, the shade, the thickness even the bloody box they came in made me happy. I could not recommend Dirty Look's anymore. I think I may of found my Hair extensions soul mate website. (it's love). To get yourself a set of HK extensions Click here. Dirty looks, also sells a range of hair tools, and hair products.