When it comes to looks it's easy to get wrapped up in what society makes you feel like you should look like, dress like etc. Today we all get our fashion trends, hair styles, body inspiration from someone; maybe a celebrity or designer, or even a blogger!  For me I take a lot of my style inspiration from my favorite celebrities and bloggers.  It comes from somewhere. From walking down the street seeing girl or boy wearing a pair of jeans in a different way. Your instantly inspired. While fashion is all about following the trends or creating your own beauty is all about finding what works for you, and what cosmetics work with your skin. 
In today's day and age you can now completely change your look, get a new face with a face lift, get a nose job if you aint lovin' that pointy shape, get hair extensions if your hair isn't long enough. It is as easy as that. Today girls are going to extreme circumstances to give themselves a new look, or keep their younger beauty looks alive by getting Dermal Fillers. A completely new way to keep your younger skin in tack and keep away them wrinkles! So is this the way to go now in which to keep yourself looking younger? for me I have a pretty full face anyway, so despite being young anyway getting wrinkles doesn't worry me too much as I don't think it will affect me so much. However It really is something to look into. Is it worth paying out so much money just to keep a few lines off your face? why not embrace your age and allow your natural history lines shine through. Be proud of your age. You've lived a good life to be proud of. Done be ashamed of the lines hat present your life. What are your opinions on Botox, and cosmetic surgery?