NAKED 3 PALETTE £37 (available here)
I wish I knew what it was that came over me last Thursday. So I was sat at home, ill full of cold, feeling so sorry for myself. Scrolled through Twitter to see all the bloggers having a right little girly ses as the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette was officially available online at House Of Fraser. Ever since I first started watching tutorial's on youtube I'd always wanted a Naked Palette. However only recently have I been willing to splash the cash on my beauty products. I'll happily pay large amounts of money for clothing, But it never caught on with my make up or skin care, until I started blogging. Before blogging I didn't use brushes, powder, and I only wore white eyeshadow. (I know, I was a lost cause). Now I spend £37 on a palette. what is my life? 
It's only recently I've started to wear eyeshadow. Now It's rare I go a day without a bit of shimmer or a matte base over my eyes. So what made the Naked 3 stand out for me? Being so god damn pale I've never been able to rock the dark shades, so this very neutral and rose gold palette hit it on the head for me.So I guess I just fell in love with the beautiful range of pink's, gold's and the beautiful brown with the shimmer of pink. With the pallet I've been able to create a range of looks. I also filmed a tutorial of me using the pallet. However my memory card kept filling up, so I'll be re-filming this and it will be up Wednesday! My favorite shades to use at the moment are - Buzz, Factory, and Mugshot.